Saturday, December 8, 2007

Between the Lines transgendered comic Rocks!

Finally, someone is making a graphic comic of the everyday life of transgendered youth!
Sometimes I get so tired of hearing about how it was in the "olden days" and
old recycled issues that do not address my concerns as a young person. The older gen is so conservative and fearful,  sometimes it seems like all I hear from them is FUD 
(Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)
 about safety, and  suicide, and why they don't approve of herbals and why your doctor or therapist is God.(buch o bullcrap). Gnd while the youger gen has more than it's share
of fear, In my experience, leadership in the older generation, is not to be found for the most
part. Donna Rose and Jamison Green are noteable ecceptions and there are others, but they are few and far between.
Finally someone puts a voice out that I can relate to. someone know's what my life is like, and does it in a graphic way that I can share with others. These girls do a realy nice job, and if you know anybody or have anybody in your family or are yourself currious about the joys and tears and fears of what it is like to be 
Transgendered, (especially as a youg person) I'd advise you to check this out.
 Really great job.